Interreg – Kooperationsprojekt

Seit längerem besteht eine Kooperation mit Infinity Dance Team aus Brünn. Bei dem durch die EU geförderten Projekt trainieren unsere tschechischen Tanzkollegen gemeinsam mit unseren Paaren.

Anerkannte internationale Tänzer und Trainer leiten die Einheiten an den Tanzwochenenden, die abwechselnd in Brünn und in unserem Tanzclub in Österreich stattfinden. Nach diesen Trainingstagen sind die Tänzer und Tänzerinnen sehr motiviert.

Wir freuen uns auf weiterhin gute Zusammenarbeit.

Infinity – Sportunion 2019/2020 KPF – 02 – 131

Main goals of the Project:
1) Learning new artistical skills for dancessport
2) Repetition and improvement of language and dancing knowledges and skills from previus KPF-02-119 project .
3) Sightseeing and exploring Moravian cultural and natural treasures, as a good base for future visits and holidays in this region
4) Presentation of visited regions and dancesport during Gala event held as the end of the project.

Description of the Project:
Series of weekend workshops (dance and culture) aimed on development of artistical expression and perception of art and culture not only in dance-sport. Actors and ballet teachers from Brno region who would lead the art and dance classes, were invited for development of project aims. For maintaining the specific quality reached by the couples during previous KPF-02-119 project, highly qualified foregin ballroom teachers which lacks in Moravian and Niederösterreich regions are invited for leading the latin and standard classes. They are important binding part of project. Because the aim is not only art in dancing, but also perception of art and culture, each of the weekend workshops is held in different Southmoravian historical city (Křtiny,Slavkov, Lednice). The participants are going to attend significant landmarks of the locations, so that they could become a future place to visit again.

Support from EFRR in Euro: 19 799,15 Eur
Duration of the project: 15.10.2019- 30.4.2020